Colligas Family Markets

On Behalf of Colligas Family Markets, LP, we would like to personally offer this letter of recommendation for Kala and Ali of the Chroma Dolls. With a passion for the arts, hard work, talent and entrepreneurialism the Chroma Dolls are truly amazing artists. They not only have a passion for the arts with an incredible skill set, they also have a sincere passion for their community that shines through every mural and piece of art that they create. Their work is truly inspiring, creative and filled with unique style and beauty. From the beginning stages of planning, through the step by step process of creation, and ultimately the final end results, you can see and feel the personal passion that these two ladies envelop into each piece of art that they create.We had the fortunate happenstance to join up with these ladies a few years ago as they were just starting out together as the Chroma Dolls. The Mural Arts had sent them to work on a project to re-enhance the large mural on the side of our building. Their work was beautiful. So beautiful in fact that we wanted to see more!


Along with the visions of the owner, James Colligas, the Chroma Dolls set out to create the perfect murals inside of our store that truly demonstrated the passion and purpose of our organization. By Sitting down and listening to Jim and his goals of this creation, they got it and it is beautifully perfect.

Since then, we have continued to watch the Chroma Dolls follow their dreams and passion as they have created more and more projects to beautify our community and surroundings. We are thankful for the opportunity that we have had to witness and work with these incredible artists.

The Colligas Family


RAW: Natural Bon Artist

“Chroma Dolls are the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism.
…They are artists you are proud to work with.09
…Chroma Dolls thrilled our crowds with their work.
…I’m very pleased with the stewardship you took of our brand.
…Chroma Dolls are exceptional talents and a pleasure to work with. It is always a privilege to work with artists whose talents are on par with their professionalism; as one sometimes suffers the other. Not only are they sensitive to the perception of their work, but they take a stewardship of your brand. When reviewing artists for a mural or other work, due diligence dictates that you put their portfolio into the mix. We’re always happy to show and refer their work.”

Frederick Calalang, Director
MergeArts Organization.




Project Street Art

“Kala and Ali are professionals, in every sense of the word. Not only does theirDSC_0662
work speak for itself, but they knew how they were going to execute it, and got it
done in an amazing amount of time, amongst working on other projects. I’d say
that’s an A+ effort.
…they’ve transformed the side of a building into a beautiful
…The Poconos and surrounding areas are known for their wildlife, so to
incorporate that into your artwork, and then add your own flair was a beautiful
…The mural has already benefitted the town of Stroudsburg, with adding to the
buzz of the overall project. The business affected, Friedman Electric, has voiced
their gratitude, because now they are able to tell their customers they were a part
of a huge community effort, which reflects very positively on them.”

-Shane Izykowski
Director of Project Street Art


Ann Dougherty Garden Memorial Mural

“We were interested in having the Chroma Dolls do the mural which would memorialize our beloved DSC_0671late children’s librarian, Ann Dougherty, because we could see that their previous projects were colorful and lively. Also, the artists had experience successfully portraying dogs, as we could see from the mural they did for PAWS. After reviewing a lot of biographical information about Ann, photos, and some of her favorite quotes, they sent us the initial design. We liked the vitality, the colors, the quotes, but wanted them to make a few changes. They quickly did the modifications, which were very pleasing to us. We appreciated the artists’ flexibility and responsiveness to our requests. The resulting mural was a beautiful, lasting tribute to an unforgettable person. Thanks to the Chroma Dolls, we now feel Ann’s joyful, humorous and compassionate presence in the library again.”


Marcela Franco
Philadelphia Free Library, Kensington Branch